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2 Package document

Element document

This is the root element of RichDoc document file. It primarily contains single section child, representing the body of the document. It may optionally contain other structures, such as custom styles, index, or bibliography, or list of embedded files. Occurrence of these auxiliary children depends on the serialization mode as follows:

Single-file mode
Styles, index and bibliography, if present, are stored in place as children of the document element. The document does not contain the list of embedded files.
Multiple-file mode
Styles, index and bibliography are stored in separate files, as well as any embedded binary data. The embeddedFiles child element contains the list of embedded files.

Attributes: class language id level

Content: embeddedFiles? viewStyles? documentStyles? bibliography? userIndex? (section | note)

Element embeddedFiles

List of embedded files, such as raster image data, that are stored externally to the containing XML document, if multiple-file serialization mode has been used. This element is not used in single-file serialization mode.

Parents: document

Content: file(embeddedFiles)+

Element file(embeddedFiles)

Parents: embeddedFiles

Attributes: name(file)

Element explicitTitle

Sections usually use title element to both to display their title as a block material, AND use this title for various bookkeeping operations, such as building the table of contents. If you want the displayed title to be different from the logical title, or in particular, you do not want to display any title but still want to provide logical title, you may use the explicitTitle attribute to define the logical title.

Parents: section

Mixed Content: (inline | paragraphFragment)*

Element viewStyles

Specifies document-specific view styles, that override the view styles inherited from the default context. They may be used for example for changing various visual aspects, or for adding document-specific class definitions.

Parents: document

Content: styles*

Element documentStyles

Parents: document

Content: styles*

Attribute level

In multiple-file multiple-section serialization mode, the level attribute is used to specify how deep is the enclosing document element from the global document root. For instance, for a parted book, the root element has level 0, and thus omits the level attribute, parts have level 1, and chapters have level 2.

Attribute name(file)

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