The RichDoc Framework

The RichDoc Framework is a comprehensive, Java-based system that can be used for authoring, managing, exchanging and presenting documents, with emphasis on scientific documents. It provides functionality on different levels of complexity, ranging from simple Swing components to standalone word-processing applications.

The framework differs from traditional word processor like MS Word in that it directs the user to focus more on the structure of the document rather than to its visual appearance. The documents created with the framework are thus more presentation-independent, much like HTML documents. The underlying, XML-based, markup language supports much more features than HTML, though. Like in HTML, the rendering of the document may be finely configured by comprehensive style sheet system.

The editor supports advanced word-processing features like lists, tables, 2D drawings with animations, equations, index, glossary, or bibliography list. Documents may be imported from HTML, LaTeX or DocBook, and exported to HTML, LaTeX or PDF, or directly printed.

One particularly useful feature of the RichDoc framework is that it forms a compact, portable software component that can be easily embedded into other software systems. The framework can not only create stand-alone documents, but also small documentation chunks that may be embedded to some superordinate function units, such as calendar entries, engineering files, or any other units for which it is useful to attach documentation to. All this with advanced features like tables, graphics or mathematics. Using Applet or Java Web Start technologies, the framework can be embedded directly to web sites, enabling editing of web pages in comfortable WYSIWYG editor. The framework may be also easily extended to support rendering and editing of application-specific objects like various diagrams or graphs.

Download the latest release, or see the screenshots.

Development Status

Although the RichDoc Framework is still under rapid development, we think that it has reached a stage when it might be useful to both end users and developers. Any feedback from any such group is highly appreciated. Any reuse of the Framework by developers is welcomed, but it is strongly recommended to contact the author before doing so. You may also want to have a look at the RichDoc Framework Development Notes.

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System Documentation
The RichDoc Framework XML Scheme Specification HTML PDF