RichDoc Framework XML Format Specification

Michal Ševčenko <>, October 9, 2006

This document is specification of the RichDoc Framework XML scheme. Since the scheme is quite large, elements and attributes are divided into several packages, according to their logical contribution to the format.

The specification contains definitions of three kinds of entities: XML elements, XML attributes, and classes of XML elements. Classes are used to group together similar elements that share attributes, children, or parents.

Each class or element definition includes list of attributes, list of allowed children, and list of allowed parents. Attribute definitions include allowed values, and elements or classes for which they may be used. Note that several identifiers may be used for two or more elements or attributes, in which case they are disambiguated by further text in parentheses, for instance, td(array) is different from td(table).

Some elements, attributes, or particular occurrences thereof, may be marked as deprecated. This means that this version of the specification discourages their use, although the RichDoc Framework compatible with this or any later version should be able to process files containing deprecated constructs. If you load and save a document with up-to-date version of the RichDoc Framework, you should get document that does not contain any deprecated constructs.

This XML scheme may be extended by third parties, either from the top, i.e. it may be embedded into some superordinate XML format, or from the bottom, i.e. user may embed his objects into the RichDoc document model, or both. This scheme is internally kept in an interactive XML Schema Management Tool, which you may use to add your specific elements to this scheme, and generate the corresponding XML Schema or DTD. Please contact us to obtain the XML Schema Managemenet Tool and an appropriate representation of this scheme.

Note that this specification in fact describes a family of mutually interconnected schemes, which differ only in the root element. The following elements may be used as XML document root:

Specifies a RichDoc document or its part, if multi-section multi-file mode is used.
Specifies one cascade of the style sheet mechanism. May be stored in viewStyles.xml or documentStyles.xml files, depending on what type of style information is provided.
Describes user index data structure associated with a document, if multiple-file serialization mode is used. The user index definition is usually stored in file named userIndex.xml.
Describes the table of contents of document stored in multiple-file serialization mode. It is usually stored in file named toc.xml.
Specifies the bibliography list associated with a document, if multiple-file serialization mode is used. It is usually stored in file named bibliography.xml.
Specifies the cross-reference targets index. It is stored in file idIndex.xml.

1  Package core
2  Package document
3  Package style
4  Package block
5  Package paragraph
6  Package math
7  Package drawing
8  Package toc
9  Package idIndex
10  Package index
11  Package bibliography
12  Package deprecated
13  Index